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JHR Night for Rights Live

Get ready to celebrate the transformative power of human rights journalism at Night for Rights 2013. When media puts the spotlight on human rights, positive change happens. When human rights are protected, people’s lives get better. Journalists for Human Rights empowers journalists to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively.

Celebrating life-changing human rights journalism

by Belinda Alzner

Every dollar raised at Night for Rights will support JHR’s life-changing journalism training in Africa and Northern Ontario. This year we’re aiming to raise $100,000 to keep human rights in the headlines, long after the party is over. Donations made at Night for Rights 2013 will contribute to the Ben Peterson Innovation Fund which provides seed financing for innovative pilot projects.

For more information about JHR, the work we do, why we do it and how, visit our website or email information@jhr.ca.

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